Please Note: I am not currently offering consultations to new clients

– but I am planning some new projects & resources to support your school advocacy.

Stay tuned in 2023!

1:1 coaching, education and advocacy for families of Neurodivergent and/or disabled school-age children.

Questions & answers

Yes! Preparing you for an effective and worthwhile IEP meeting is one of my key services. Whether this is your first IEP or you are years into the school journey, we work together to draft proposed goals, create an agenda, troubleshoot possible stumbling blocks, and prepare you to communicate effectively.

Having a support person by your side during IEP meetings is a great asset. I often act as a second set of ears, a note-take and someone to speak up on your behalf when needed. While my availability to attend meetings is limited, I am often able to make the timing work for families. Please do your best to book your IEP or school team meeting on a Tuesday or Wednesday for the best availability and secure that timeslot on my calendar as a consultation timeslot through the “Existing Client” booking system.

Educating your school team about how best to support your child is rooted in relationships. We work together to craft a plan to use your influence as a caregiver in the most positive and effective way possible. This includes drafting emails with care, intention and purpose, selecting or creating resources that will be best received by your team, and planning for meetings by creating a written agenda, statement or checklist.. There are many tools we can use depending on your specific circumstances.

While every situation requires a tailored approach, the common thread is your child’s right to equitable access to education. Taking a human rights approach combined with a review of your district and school policies helps us put together a plan on how to address the exclusion.

During our meetings, I will ask you questions, review existing documents and make suggestions about the types of accommodations you can reasonably request. I will also work with you to advocate for better accessibility for your child through universal design for learning and the removal of barriers. Accessibility is a proactive process while accommodation is a retroactive process – learn the difference and how to work with both approaches.