October 2022 – Currently closed to new clients due to a full caseload. Please check back in January 2023.


STEP 2: Complete the CONFIDENTIAL Intake form

Initial IEP Consultation (New Clients)

Caregiver Information

Child's Information

School Information

School Team Members

Please share the names of your school-based team members. If some fields don't apply to your team, leave them blank. Filling these names in helps me to review emails and prepare for team meetings more efficiently.

Payment Preference

Please review the options below and select the one that works best for your family.
I endeavour to provide an equitable service model so please contact me directly if you require personalized arrangements other than the options described below.

The initial consultation is billed at $250 CAD (2 hours)
Follow-up consultations are billed at $125/hr CAD